• Fashion Cuts, Blowaves

  • Do you need a Fashion Cut, Blowave? Looking good and in style is not difficult at Changing Room Hair Design as Sharon is very experienced and keeps up to date on Fashion Cuts, Blowaves for Men and Women. Sharon will consult with you first and discuss you the look you want. Fashion Cuts, Blowaves are available for women with any length of hair - short, medium and long. Plus you will receive a free five minute head massage with your Fashion Cut, Blowave. Men can select a Clipper cut, Scissor cut and Blowave or, a wash and cut only. Changing Room Hair Design often has special offers and recommends regular clients consider the VIP Loyalty Club. If you like the Fashion Cut, Blowave you receive you can invite your friends or family with a convenient Gift Voucher from Changing Room Hair Design. See the Promotions page for more information. 

    Fashion Blowaves or Sets are also available as well as a Wash and Style with irons, curling and straightening. Weekly Blowaves receive a 10% discount. 

    Below are prices for various Fashion Cuts, Blowave styles. Please note this pricing is a guide only and subject to change after consultation.

  • Fashion Cuts and Blowaves For Ladies*

    ServiceTypePrice From
    Cut & BlowaveShort Hair$70.00
    Cut & BlowaveMedium Hair$80.00
    Cut & BlowaveLong Hair$85.00
  • *FREE 5 min treatment Head Massage with every fashion cut and blowave

  • Fashion Cuts for Men

    ServicePrice From
    Clipper Cut$20.00
    Scissor Cut & Blowave$45.00
    Wash & Cut Only$40.00
  • Fashion Blowaves or Sets*

    ServiceTypePrice From
    Fashion Blowave or SetShort Hair$45.00
    Fashion Blowave or SetMedium Hair$55.00
    Fashion Blowave or SetLong Hair$65.00
    Wash & Styling with Irons Curling Straightening$70.00
  • *Weekly Blowave will be discounted by 10%

  • Fashion Cuts For Ladies

    ServicePrice From
    Wash & Cut Only$55.00
  • Eftpos and all major credit cards accepted. Above pricing is a guide only and may change after consultation.